About Us

About Us

Janell Inc. has 6 locations. All locations offer warehouse, showroom, delivery and outside sales services.

Janell Inc represents 250 manufacturers including Dayton Superior, Symons, Euclid, BASF, Sika, Bosch, Kraft Tool, Generac, Green Streak, Laticrete, Lyons, Dee, etc.

Janell Inc.’s business is built on delivering knowledgeable customer service in the areas of concrete forms, chemicals, accessories, and equipment. Janell Inc. offers sales, service, and rentals.

  • Over 30 years in business
  • 40 + employees, approx. 36 of 40 work directly with customers
  • Average length of employment is 9+ years
  • Computerized order entry and inventory management
  • 15+ outside sales people, 20+ inside sales people
  • 14+ trucks available for delivery
  • Over 45 incoming phone lines, 7 fax machines, 14 800 or 888 toll free numbers
  • Several thousand square feet of showroom
  • Over 100,000 square feet of inside warehouse space
  • Over 25 acres of outside storage space

Janell Concrete and Masonry Equipment Inc., is dedicated to servicing and satisfying the most important people in our business, our customers. We aspire to be an indispensable partner to our employees, customers, vendors, advisors and community affiliations in the chosen markets we serve.


  • To continually train and educate our staff on products, technologies and best practices that support and benefit our industry.
  • To compete on real value; not price alone. We add value by stocking a vast and varied inventory, offering actionable solutions to problems bases on product knowledge, honest expertise, and delivering stellar service. We will maintain a product offering that meets the markets’ needs and deliver those products in a timely manner.
  • To provide the construction industry with the finest quality specialty products and services that meet the evolving and changing needs of our customers.
  • To provide meaningful employment with the highest moral standards rooted in family values.


  • To always practice “safety first- always”.
  • Treat friends as family and family as friends.
  • To earn a reasonable profit that will assure our long term sustainability.
  • To live and work every day through teamwork, learning, and excellence.
  • To enhance personal growth and family values.
  • To consistently have a win/win mindset.