• SALT: Halite Rock Salt – 50 LB BAG

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    Dried Natural Halite melts ice quickly and effectively. The low cost, economical ice melter.

    • Quickly melts ice and snow down to +5° F
    • Commercial strength, value conscious choice
    • Uniform-sized salt crystals
    • Easy flow and spread application
    • No oily residue
  • MultiQuip GA25HR

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    The GA25HR model is ideal for small tool applications and with its high quality construction; this unit is tough enough for any jobsite condition.

    • Lightweight and compact design for easy transport
    • 100% copper windings for maximum conductivity
    • Alternator design eliminates maintenance by removing brushes and slip rings
    • Hour meter for proper service intervals and usage information
    • Heavy-duty 1-inch (25 mm) steel pipe frame and shock mounts protect the generator
    • Runs for six hours on a full tank at full load
    • Powered by a Honda GX160 engine with low-oil shutdown
  • Diedrich 202

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    Diedrich 202 New Masonry Detergent is a combination of organic and inorganic acids, wetting agents and inhibitors for use in the final clean up of new masonry. It efficiently cleans off residual mortar, day to day soiling, and staining that occurs on job sites. It will work on brick, stone, tile, exposed aggregate and several varieties of new masonry construction not susceptible to metallic staining. 202’s wetting agent and inhibitors permit it to cling to masonry surfaces for an extended dwell period.

  • Dually

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    The Dually is the revolutionary new rebar support from LTM Concrete.

    Initially intended to replace two common chairs, the folks using it have reported more than a dozen practical applications. Perhaps we named it too soon. Cut back on the number of supports you carry to each site, and on overall job costs with Dually.

  • Nomaflex Expansion Joint

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    The intrinsic properties of Nomaflex include:

    • Waterproof
    • Ultra lightweight
    • Flexible
    • Does not impede sealant cure time
    • Durable
    • Clean product
    • Less breakage
    • Inert
    • Easy to use, same installation methods as currently used
    • Can be used with hot-pour and cold-applied sealants
    • Recyclable / reusable
    • Made in USA
  • Yellow Slush Boots/Overboots

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  • TREDS 17” Slush boots/Overboots

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    Wear TREDS 17″ Slush boots when slopping around in concrete, water, or manure! Users say TREDS Slush Boots last 6-8 times longer than cheap imports.

    • Number one style overboot for concrete work
    • Reinforced heel and block-tread pattern sole provides additional traction
    • One-piece molded design is not right/left foot specific
    • Almost impossible to puncture or tear
    • Made in the USA
  • MIRACLE BOND® 1310

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    Easy To Dispense, Non-Sag, Multi-Purpose Repair Epoxy

    Features & Advantages

    • High strength bonding agent for materials including concrete, brick, wood, stone and block
    • Non-sag patching material for cracks and small spalls, great for overhead and vertical repair
    • Can be used as an adhesive or filler
    • Cured surface can be sanded and painted
    • Rapid initial 3 hour cure at room temperature
    • Used as a capping paste and injection port adhesive for crack injection process
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  • Crack-Kit

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    • Contains everything needed to structurally repair 8-10 feet of crack
    • Reliable high strength contractor grade formulas
    • Convenient packaging
    • Easy to follow instructions
    • Online Video available demonstrating use of kit. CLICK HERE.
  • Perma-Patch Pot Hole Repair 60 LB Bag

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    • requires no mixing or tack coating
    • used in all season and weather conditions, even in temperatures as low as 0° F or in water-filled holes
    • more permanent than hot asphalt for repairs of potholes and small utility cuts
    • can be easily applied by a one or two-person work crew with a pickup truck
    • accepts traffic immediately after compaction
    • made of the same first quality mix year-round
    • packaged in convenient 60-lb. bags which maintain a minimum 2-year shelf life
    • available in 30 and 50-lb. pails
  • Excel Calcium Chloride Pellets 50 LB BAG

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    Excel™ Calcium Chloride is a high powered de-icing pellet capable of melting snow and ice 2 to 5 times faster than rock salt and blended ice melters. This product is also popular in the Ready-Mix industry, enabling faster setting times and reducing curing and finishing times. Calcium Chloride pellet is the best and most efficient ice melter in the industry. Melts to: -25ºF.