• Nomaflex Expansion Joint

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    The intrinsic properties of Nomaflex include:

    • Waterproof
    • Ultra lightweight
    • Flexible
    • Does not impede sealant cure time
    • Durable
    • Clean product
    • Less breakage
    • Inert
    • Easy to use, same installation methods as currently used
    • Can be used with hot-pour and cold-applied sealants
    • Recyclable / reusable
    • Made in USA
  • Yellow Slush Boots/Overboots

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  • TREDS 17” Slush boots/Overboots

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    Wear TREDS 17″ Slush boots when slopping around in concrete, water, or manure! Users say TREDS Slush Boots last 6-8 times longer than cheap imports.

    • Number one style overboot for concrete work
    • Reinforced heel and block-tread pattern sole provides additional traction
    • One-piece molded design is not right/left foot specific
    • Almost impossible to puncture or tear
    • Made in the USA
  • MIRACLE BOND® 1310

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    Easy To Dispense, Non-Sag, Multi-Purpose Repair Epoxy

    Features & Advantages

    • High strength bonding agent for materials including concrete, brick, wood, stone and block
    • Non-sag patching material for cracks and small spalls, great for overhead and vertical repair
    • Can be used as an adhesive or filler
    • Cured surface can be sanded and painted
    • Rapid initial 3 hour cure at room temperature
    • Used as a capping paste and injection port adhesive for crack injection process
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  • Crack-Kit

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    • Contains everything needed to structurally repair 8-10 feet of crack
    • Reliable high strength contractor grade formulas
    • Convenient packaging
    • Easy to follow instructions
    • Online Video available demonstrating use of kit. CLICK HERE.
  • Perma-Patch Pot Hole Repair 60 LB Bag

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    • requires no mixing or tack coating
    • used in all season and weather conditions, even in temperatures as low as 0° F or in water-filled holes
    • more permanent than hot asphalt for repairs of potholes and small utility cuts
    • can be easily applied by a one or two-person work crew with a pickup truck
    • accepts traffic immediately after compaction
    • made of the same first quality mix year-round
    • packaged in convenient 60-lb. bags which maintain a minimum 2-year shelf life
    • available in 30 and 50-lb. pails
  • Excel Calcium Chloride Pellets 50 LB BAG

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    Excel™ Calcium Chloride is a high powered de-icing pellet capable of melting snow and ice 2 to 5 times faster than rock salt and blended ice melters. This product is also popular in the Ready-Mix industry, enabling faster setting times and reducing curing and finishing times. Calcium Chloride pellet is the best and most efficient ice melter in the industry. Melts to: -25ºF.

  • SALT: QUIKRETE Rock Salt – 50 LB BAG

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    QUIKRETE® Ice melting products depress the freezing point of ice or snow and turn the mixture into a liquid or semi-liquid slush for easy removal.

    • Quickly removes snow and ice from driveways, walks, steps, and other walkways.
    • Increased traction on snow and ice.
  • SALT: Morton SAFE-T-SALT 50 LB BAG

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    As temperatures drop, don’t find yourself in a slippery situation. Just look for the striped bag you know and love. Morton Safe-T-Salt has been helping families clear ice and snow from their driveways and walkways for generations.

    • Economical deicing
    • Provides added traction under car tires
    • Melts down to 5⁰F
    • 50 lb. bag
  • Comfort Ease Disposable Respirator –
    Box of 12

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    • Foam nose cushion and adjustable nose clip ensure a secure & comfortable fit.
    • Non-Latex elastic straps do not require pre-stretching allowing for quick fitting, and reduces consumption costs.
    • Straps are electro-sonically sealed to the facepiece. No staples providing additional comfort and are difficult to pull from the mask also reducing consumption costs.
    • Crushed resistant shell will not collapse in hot, humid conditions. Will maintain its shape without the need for a plastic mesh housing.
    • An optional valve version provides enhanced breathing comfort.
    • Available in N95 version approved for minimum 95% efficient protection against non-oil particulate.
  • BOSCH 9 Gallon Dust Extractor with Automatic Filter Clean

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    The Bosch VAC series dust extractors come with the best in class combination of air flow and suction power, which makes this unit ideal for dust extraction. The VAC090A is capable of wet and dry pick up. When paired with a HEPA filter (accessory VF120H – not included), this unit has been independently tested to meet the EPA definition of a HEPA vacuum.


    • 9.85 ft. Vacuum Hose – VH1035
    • Bend Nozzle – VX100
    • Power Tool Adapter Nozzle – VX120
    • Cellulose Flat Filter – VF100
    • Plastic Bag VB00P (1 Bag)