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PATCHCRETE is a two component polymer modified concrete repair, topping, and underlayment material. The PATCHCRETE liquid is a high solids content Acrylic Polymer. The PATCHCRETE Powder #1005 is a portland cement based mix with graded silica and special chemical additives. Polymer modified concrete gives improved bonding, improved chemical resistance, improved water resistance and improved tensile, compressive and flexural strengths.

This high strength portland cement/acrylic polymer combination provides a smooth durable semi-resilient surface which can be used as a finished floor in most applications. PATCHCRETE is easy to mix and apply, requiring no special tools. It is suitable for use as a screedable topping and underlayment, or as a floor, wall or overhead repair material when mixed to a stiffer trowelable consistency. PATCHCRETE has been approved by the USDA for use in most processing plants and may be used where there is exposure to potable water. Use of PATCHCRETE can help your project earn LEED Credits. Contact factory for details.

PATCHCRETE is designed to be used both as a topping or underlayment and as a wall, floor, and overhead patching and repair material when mixed to a stiffer consistency. For use as an underlayment, mix to the consistency of a thick pancake batter. Use PATCHCRETE to level and smooth rough or rained on concrete. PATCHCRETE may be used to level low areas inside or outside. It will bond to and may be used to level virtually any concrete surface.

Mixed as a repair material, PATCHCRETE may be used to repair walls, floors, tilt panels, driveways, sidewalks, precast members, etc. PATCHCRETE may be applied from featheredge to 2-1/2 inches. Suitable for interior or exterior applications. Suitable for application where there is rubber tired forklift and vehicle traffic.



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