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FLOW-ROCK is a scientifically formulated nonmetallic pourable anchoring cement and grout. It is rapid setting and expansive. FLOW-ROCK is a non-shrink hydraulic cement with controlled expansion. It will self-level when mixed with water to a pourable consistency. FLOW-ROCK is nonrusting and contains no ferrous metals. Its controlled expansion grips the material to be anchored, locking it into place.

  • Over 5,000 PSI in 1 hour
  • Over 10,000 PSI in a day
  • Over 35,000 PSI pullout strength


FLOW-ROCK may be used to anchor bolts, equipment, machinery, railing, reinforcing rod, signs, posts, etc. It may be used to grout columns, machinery, bearing plates and precast members.

FLOW-ROCK meets ASTM C-1107 Grade C.


  • Fast Setting
  • Non-Shrink
  • Non-Metallic
  • Self-Leveling when Mixing to Pourable Consistency
  • Controlled Expansion
  • High Compressive Strength
  • High Pullout Strength
  • Anchors by Expansion
  • Meets ASTM 1107 Grade C
  • Meets CRD 621


All surfaces to be anchored or grouted should be clean and free of any loose particles or debris.

The surface to be grouted or anchored should be dampened with clean water, but no standing water should remain.


FLOW-ROCK may be mixed to a putty consistency, depending on application. Always mix in a clean container. Excess water will reduce strength and will increase setting time.


The hole must be free of loose particles. The hole should be filled with water and scrubbed with a stiff bottle brush. All excess water is to be removed. The hole should be clean and damp. Place anchor bolt with washer in the hole and pour in FLOW-ROCK. The washer should be just smaller than the hole. For grouting or anchoring in a vertical wall, force the FLOW-ROCK into the hole. Then tamp the bolt or rod into place and finish flush with the wall. Use warm water if a faster set is needed.



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