• SPECTRA LL500-2 LASER LEVEL PACKAGE (tripod, receiver, rod & clamp)

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    • 1,600-foot working diameter which increases productivity by reducing need for
      multiple set-ups on a large job site
    • Self-leveling with built-in ‘out-of-level’ shut off that maintains accuracy over the entire work area, and minimizes errors
    • High accuracy laser, 1/16 in per 100 feet with temperature compensation provides highly stable, repeatable accuracy even under large temperature changes
    • Uses alkaline or rechargeable batteries–so you are less likely to run out of power and the unit keeps working with no downtime due to power loss
    • Visible ‘spotting’ beam for determining receiver mounting placement making it faster to find the on-grade position
    • Comes with a choice of HL700 or CR600 receivers allowing you to choose the best option to suit your applicationvers allowing you to choose the best optionto suit your application